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Amblyopia often improves by compliance to patching. Not an easy task for children or parents. Framehuggers® offers a simple effective solution.

United States of America (Press Release) October 28, 2008 --
Any parent struggling to persuade their child to cover their good eye can understand the frustrations that come with this treatment. They also understand that if they do not get their child to comply with patching, the child could suffer with permanent vision loss. Ambylopia (AKA lazy eye) is usually the result of one eye not working as well as the other eye. The brain can then "shut off" the vision to the weaker eye so it can focus with the "good" eye. Whether the cause of lazy eye is from an injury, cataract, imbalanced refraction or misalignment; patching is often required. Patching can improve the vision that is not able to be corrected with glasses and or with surgery; by stimulating the eyes connection to the brain. This treatment can frequently be a battle as the traditional adhesive eye patches are often frustrating to children. The eye lashes rub up and down and the skin can become sensitive, leaving rashes and raw tender areas around the eye. On occasion, doctors may recommend Atropine eye drops instead of patching to purposely blur the vision in the better eye. However, many parents are concerned of the possible side effects in dilating their good eye. Pirate patches usually do not work well as it makes it difficult for the child to wear their glasses over the patch (frequently cases of Amblyopia require wearing eye glasses). The strap around the head can also be bothersome. Cloth eye patches worn on the glasses often cause concern, usually due to a flaw in the designs allowing gaps peripherally. A cloth eye patch worn on the glasses needs to occlude from every angle to help insure no peeking is occurring. Many cloth patch have gaps nasally and do not occlude all peripheral vision. They are often made of felt and don't wash well. Many shift out of place and this also allows for peeking. After years of working with doctors and parents whom were frustrated with the lack of good alternatives; a dedicated and determined ophthalmic technician went to work to design the perfect eye patches for glasses. Her name is Camille Workman. She worked as the surgery coordinator and lead technician for a pediatric ophthalmologist for many years. She knew if she could design a patch that truly occlude vision properly, Dr. Scott Pressman MD would also agree to testing the patch in clinic. Having no prior experience sewing; Camille dedicated all of her free time to learning, designing and altering her eye patch for over a year. She finalized her patch in 2000. The Framehuggers® patch was tested in clinic for many years with tremendous success. This excited Camille enough to want to help others worldwide. After being turned down by dozens of manufactures and seamstress to help produce this detailed and intricate patch; she determined the only thing to do is quit the job she loved to sew the patches herself. Her patch design literally "Hugs" the patients frames; thus the great name for her product; Framehuggers®! Her patch is the only patch that truly comes off the frame front three dimensionally and covers vision nasally, peripherally and centrally. Framehuggers® are made with soft and durable fleece fabric that washes well and thus saves a lot of money. The patch also secures into place on the frame with velcro straps, eliminating any easy shifting on the frame and making the patch easy to wear on both plastic and metal frames. The design is also reversible so the same patch can be worn on either eye (as some patients have to alternate which eye they patch). Camille also feels it is important to have a custom fit. She offers clinics the Framehuggers® in many sizes. Anyone whom orders online or by phone; she custom makes the patch to the exact frame size, shape and material to ensure the highest quality fit. She knew from experience that children given a fun and comfortable option will comply to wearing a patch. So, she makes her patches in any color and also offers the Free service of custom making applique iron ons. This allows a child to choose any image the child wants. A patient can even email an image of the family pet and Camille will custom make an applique with the pet image and iron it onto their Framehuggers®. With these options, she has patients actually excited to wear their "cool" patch! She even took her helping nature one more step by creating a Patching Pal Program. This is a teddy bear whom wears eye glasses and a Framehuggers® eye patch. It has a matching outfit, comes with a reward game and tip guide to ensure successful compliance. Recently, she also added a DVD and a book to help educate children as to why they need to patch. This helps them understand the importance of wearing their eye patch in age appropriate ways that they can understand. You can see for yourself the dozens of success stories from doctors, parents and patients on her website (although she has thousands of success cases not listed). So if you or someone you know is struggling with their patching treatment; please share this wonderful website with them; you could help insure great eyesight for a child's lifetime. You have nothing to lose as Framehuggers® is so confident...they even offer a money back guarantee!
Framehuggers - Eye patches for glasses

Framehuggers eye patches Velcro onto the frame of the glasses and do not shift like most other cloth eye patches. They also are soft,comfortable (made of fleece),washable,reversible and most importantly doctor recommended!

Publisher:Alondra Kerr - Certified Ophthalmic Assistant and lead tech coordinator Eye Associates Boise,ID

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