Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Framehuggers LLC - Making Eye Patching Time Fun & Stress Free!

Framehuggers® proven, completely occlusive cloth eye patch design; upgraded to a thinner, lighter weight material! This nylon- micro-fleece blend fabric is not only cooler than our fleece version; it also offers a perfect surface to apply stickers… a great motivational way to make patching time fun!! The 4-way stretch fabric can stretch to hug multiple frame sizes & its reversible design, allows one patch to occlude either eye.  It’s comfortable & washable! Many adults have also found our new  fabric to be an extremely comfortable and lightweight solution when it comes to their eye occlusion needs. We're improving the vision of children & adults... one "hug" at a time!!

Framehuggers LLC has been manufacturing since the early 2000. Since that time we have made thousands of eye patches worldwide and we have continued our "hugging" adventures by creating an eyeglass retainer. We are pleased to introduce our trusted & secure Headhugger retainer; made with neoprene & Velcro compatible material. Its universal design fits ALL temple ends, shapes and sizes! It adjusts from adult to infant size by simply cutting off any excess strap not needed! Its silicone ends snugly hugs all frames, yet softly hugs the head...keeping frames in the perfect place on your face!

Framehuggers is dedicated to helping adults & children with the frustrating process of patching time by offering a free applique image to any patch. Whether you're wanting a child's favorite character or your favorite teams logo on the patch; Framehuggers is happy to offer this iron-on image to make your customize fit patch....YOUR individual style! Simply upload your own image and we'll apply it for you. When combining a completely occlusive Framehugger Eye Patch (that wraps around the lens of your glasses without the ability to shift), then apply a Headhugger Eyeglass Retainer to keep those glasses from sliding or being easy to remove... we are extremely confident you will have a full system in place to improve vision with our "hugs"!

If you would like to visit our website to find out more information please visit to see what we have to offer. All patches and head straps have a money back guarantee and are custom fit to each frame size. Visit our pricing and information page to find out more on color options as well as shipping information.

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Have a great day everyone and thank you for stopping by. We are always looking for new frames to "hug" so stop on in and see why hugs could help you!  We will guarantee it or your money back!